“Hey Rahul, Good Morning….

What’s the plan for this weekend?

How about a photowalk?

Yeah!!! Friends call me Rahul, but if you happen to know many Rahuls, call me photowale bapu. I hail from Bhopal, the city of lakes and in the year 2009, my journey of life brought me to the city of gardens – Namma Bengaluru. (No points for guessing, but I am a hard-core software engineer who loves to code 😛 ). Somewhere in time from the initial days of struggle to settling down in the new city, it suddenly appeared to me that life was all about enjoying every moment. I remembered all the times in past where I had said to myself ‘I wish, I could capture this moment’. That was the spark that ignited my passion for photography and since then I have never looked back. I started learning the basics by trial and error, and later from fellow photographers in the community. There is no end to learning, but I am happy that it is a joy that I experience every day.

Say Cheese!

Rahul (aka photowale bapu)

Creating Memories, one click at a time!

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