Gokarna – weekend getaway

Gokarna is a town on the Arabian Sea, in the southwestern Indian province of Karnataka. A prominent journey goal for Hindus, it’s known for sacred destinations like Mahabaleshwar Temple, which has a sanctuary devoted to the divinity Shiva. Adjacent, Koti Teertha is a sanctuary tank where devotees wash in the blessed waters. The town is additionally home to shorelines, for example, palm-lined Gokarna, in the inside, in addition to Kudle and Om more distant south.

My Trip Day Wise

Day – 1 – I started from Bangalore on a Friday night via KSRTC bus at 10:30 PM, we reached Gokarna by 8 AM. As I didn’t have a prior booking, I went directly to Kudle beach and without much hassle got accommodation there.

I had a hearty breakfast at the hotel and then started for Mahabaleshwar temple.

This temple is a must visit in Gokarna. It is one of its kind in all over the world. Shivlinga is also known as Aatmalinga, which is only one in the entire world. It is located in a narrow street and is very near to the Gokarna beach. If you want to know more info about the Linga then do read Wikipedia.


After this, I went to see Gokarna Beach which is around 600 meters from the Temple.


This beach is located in Gokarna City due to which it is more popular and polluted. I spent around half an hour there and then started for Koti teertha. This approximately 1 km from this beach.

As indicated by Indian mythology, the Shatashrunga Mountain in the Himalayas was the dwelling place of Brahma, similarly as Mount Kailasa was to Shiva. Shatashrunga had two crores (Koti) teerthas (journeys). Garuda, the legendary winged creature, when lifted and flew with the mountain. At the point when Lord Brahma understood this, he constrained Garuda to put it practical. Garuda mitigated itself of the load by setting the mountain in part in the sea. In doing as such, one crore teerthas got drenched in the water while the remaining Koti teertha is ashore at Gokarna.


I was pretty disappointed that the pond wasn’t anything similar to what was shown in Google. Then I went to the hotel room and decided to watch the sunset on Kudle beach.

At Kudle beach I spent some 2-3 hours waiting to view the spectacular sunset. It is just amazing to see the sun go on the horizon.


Day 2 – On the second day, I decided to go to Om beach for Sunrise. If you follow the Google map then it will show the 4.5 km route from Kudle beach to Om beach but there is a shortcut through steps and by which the distance will be 3km. You can ask the locals and they will guide you. I took that path and reached on the beach 15 min before the sunrise. The view was just amazing and breathtaking.


This was one of the best sunrises which I have ever witnessed. After clicking a couple of images I just enjoyed the view. No matter how many amazing pictures are clicked, they will never be close to what you get to spectate from your eyes.


Om Beach is molded as two semi sickles combined framing the state of Om (Hindu Symbol) thus the name Om shoreline.


After the sunrise, I had my breakfast at Om beach and then headed to Half Moon beach. To reach here, I had to trek for approx 1km. This trekking is a little bit risky but the view on this trekking is just amazing.


After reaching there I spent some time and again started for the next beach which is Paradise beach and Small hell beach and around 600 meters from here.

This trekking was more interesting than the earlier one. After reaching the Small hell hilltop, we couldn’t go towards small hell beach as it was very steep and you need proper footwear.


As I wasn’t wearing proper trekking shoes then, I decided to return back from there and missed these two beaches. From there I started back to Kudle beach.

Day 3 – The plan for the 3rd day was to cover the Mirzan fort and then rest for the remaining day. Mirzan fort is around 40 km from Gokarna so I took a rented bike and went there.

This fort is very poorly maintained. It can be visited only during monsoon as the fort will be covered with a layer of greens that make it look beautiful otherwise, it looks like a haunted place. Therefore, don’t get deceived by the beautiful pictures you see online. It’s not a huge fort like any other fort you see elsewhere.

This was the last place to visit in Gokarna. From here I went back to Kudle beach and saw the sunset once again before leaving the place.

Things which I learned from my Gokarna trip.

1. Take all the necessary things with you, like here since I knew that will be having trekking I should get a torch and proper trekking shoes with me.

2. Luck will always be with you. I got the exact time and place to see the sunrise from where I saw a palm tree overlap the sun.

Spots which I could not capture in my visit.

1. Ganapathi Temple
2. Yana Caves
3. Small hell beach
4. Paradise Beach.
5. Other hidden Beaches

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