Hampi, additionally suggested as the Group of Monuments at Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in east-focal Karnataka, India. It turned into the focal point of the Hindu Vijayanagara Empire capital in the fourteenth century. Hampi-Vijayanagara was the world’s second-biggest medieval-period city in the wake of Beijing, and most likely India’s most extravagant around then, drawing in merchants from Persia and Portugal. The Vijayanagara Empire was vanquished by an alliance of Muslim sultanates; its capital was vanquished, looted and devastated by sultanate armed forces in 1565, after which Hampi stayed in remains.


To the opposite side of the Tungabhadra river, is situated the Hippie island. That also has few places to visit.

My journey started from Bellary which is almost 61km from Hampi. There is no direct transport, you have to go to Hospet first then take another bus.

My tour of Hampi day wise.

Day 1: Started from Bellary at 11:30AM and reached Hampi by 1:30PM. After reaching, I spoke with some of the autorickshaw drivers who of course asked a huge amount. I took the boat to cross the river which charged me hardly some penny around 50rs and reached to Hippies’ island.

Since it was already half day passed, I just explored the sunset point which was near to my guest house.

Kishkindha Rishimukh Parvat: It was hardly 800mtrs from my guest house. A little bit of climbing is needed and you will get a beautiful sunset view. You can see Virupaksha temple in front of you with a beautiful sunset. People come here with musical instruments to play – you can sit and enjoy all these things.


Day 2: I began my second day from dawn, at same Kishkindha Rishimukh Parvat. It has a lovely view – for both the dawn and dusk. I took a bike on rent and almost covered the complete Hippies Island. From Kishkindha Rishimukh Parvat.


I went to the Pampa Sarovar. This is one of the five sacred Sarovar in India and only one in South India. It is one of the places mentioned in Ramayana where Shabri devotee of Ram waited for his arrival.


My next stop was Durga Temple, which was around 1.5km from Pampa Sarovar.


After that, I went to a small waterfall on the Tungabhadra River. It is not that crowded, you can take the boat from here and they will take you for a round.


After visiting these places I had my lunch and took a break. Then started for the next place.

Next place was Anjenyadri Hills, the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. It is in Anegondi which is nearby Hampi. This temple is also called as Monkey temple.


Previously Anegondi was called as Kishkindha. This temple has around 600 steps to climb and you will get one of the best sunsets here. Again this place also has a sunset and sunrise point. The view from this hill has no match.


It is one of the most astounding crests in Hampi, you can see patches of paddy fields and ruins of Hampi from here. This was the last stop of my day 2.

Day 3: So Day three is my last day from the Hampi trip and till now, in my one and half day I have covered the complete hippie island. Last day I decided to cover the ruins of Hampi by walk. I checked out of my guest house and started by 8:30am.

When I crossed the river and came to Hampi I met Lakshmi, the temple Elephant of Virupaksha Temple. She takes bath on daily basis in Tungabhadra River, after the shower she goes inside the temple and bows down in each hallowed place of the temple. She will give blessings as well to the devotees of the temple.

Virupaksha Temple is assigned as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was worked in the seventh century and had numerous little-hallowed places inside the temple.


After this temple, I went to see Jain temple and chose to come here again in the evening for sunset.

After Jain temple, I have covered some more places like.

  1. Kadalekalu Ganpathi
  2. Krishna Temple
  3. Mustard Ganesha

All the above four spots were en route of Badavilinga Temple. The name Badavilinga is a mix of two words – Badva and Linga. In the neighborhood dialect, Badva implies poor and Linga speaks to Shiva. Legend has it that the Shiva Linga set inside the temple was charged by a destitution is stricken laborer lady. Consequently, the temple came to be known as Badavilinga Temple.


By Badavilinga temple we have Ugra Narasimha Temple, which has 22ft tallness and one of the biggest icon in Hampi.


After completing these places I started my walk towards Vijaya Vithala Temple. I took the shortest route and which goes from the side of the river with a beautiful view and many other ruins temple like Sugriva cave etc.


In Vithala Temple we have world-renowned Stone Chariot. Which is considered as the most famous fascination of Hampi. This structural wonder is situated inside the Vittala Temple complex. It is really a sanctum worked as a chariot and lays on a stage that is about a foot high. The altar is devoted to Garuda who is the transporter of Lord Vishnu. This dazzling bit of engineering is among the three well-known stone chariots in India, others being Konark (Odisha) and Mahabalipuram (Tamil Nadu). The carvings and sheer excellence of this structure make it an ‘unquestionable requirement visit’ fascination with Hampi.


From here, I started back towards the Jain temple where I wanted to capture the sunset. I was there for a span of 3 hours and got some pleasant pics. Trust me that was the most outstanding amongst other sunsets, and I have finished my stumble on a great note.


Things which I learned from my Hampi trip.

  • Plan the unplanned.
  • Solo trips are the must.
  • Patience and luck will give you nice frames.

Things which other traveler and photographer need to learn.

I saw many people clicking non-native Indian’s pic without their permission, please ask before clicking. Most of the people won’t say no if you ask. But if you won’t ask and still click, then definitely they won’t be happy. I have done my complete Yoga series with the help of these good folks. Focus on talking – I had a good chat, got the contact number, Insta handle, blog etc. of my new friends.

Spots which I could not capture in my visit.

  1. Lotus Temple
  2. Kings Valance
  3. Pushkarni
  4. Queens Bath
  5. Watch Tower
  6. Elephant Stable
  7. Matanga Hills

6 thoughts on “Hampi

  1. Hey Rahul! Amazing pics and brilliant storytelling, felt as if I was walking along with you. Have been there couple of times and it was such a happy breeze of refreshed memories.

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  2. I could literally image the whole travel story. Very well written. Beautiful images as always. Now if I go to Hampi in the coming days, you know who Inspired me.. Cheers..👍

    Liked by 1 person

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