Kaveripattinam – Mayanakolla Festival

Kaveripattinam is a town and municipality in Krishnagiri district in the northern part of Tamil Nadu. It is located on NH-7. It is 100km from Bangalore, 35km from Dharmapuri, 15km from Krishnagiri.


So now coming to the point. We planned to travel here on Shivaratri. We heard that in kaveripattanam, people celebrate a festival on Maha Shivratri. We were not having the confirm news on this, when and where exactly it will get celebrate. So we started our homework. We did the googling(easy job), but no much information was available.we have checked with few friends as well but they were also cofused between the next day of Shivaratri and Second day of shivaratri.


Since it was Only 100 Km from bangalore so we made a plan to go there on two consucative days(if will not get any thing on first day then seond day as well.)

We were not knowing the exact timing when it will start so we planned to leave little early from Bangalore. So that will reach Kaveripattanam well before and explore. Kaveripattanam doesnt have Railway transportation, so obliviously by road is our choice. Since we have to leave early so we chose our own transport instead of public transport.

We reached Kaveripattanam by 5:45 AM(On time according o our plan). We spoke with few locals there got to know about the exact location, where the main temple is and where it will be celebrated.


We were at the place where most of the people don’t communicate in Hindi or English and we were not knowing Tamil, but people in Kaveripattanam are so awesome, they explained us about the festival, why and where it will be celebrated, and few of them have invited for breakfast as well.

So the TIP is : If you don’t know the language even then try to talk, keep the smile on you face you see the smile is the language which everyone understands.

So, The festival is called as “Mayanakolla”, In which near to temple people will get pierce themselves with Trishul, Lemon, Iron Chain and paint there body with colors like Goddess Kali. After that procession will go till graveyard and where they will remove these things. They belief Goddess will destory all the bad evils. This information we got from the locals.

Below the link for more information.


After getting all the information we started roaming in to narrow streets near to temple and got few photos.

This is one of my small trip and I got some decent photos and some beautiful lessons and memory.

Do watch this small movie which covers this festival.


Do let me know your feeedback, in comment section guys.



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