Shravanabelagola – A Tirtha

Shravanabelagola (Sravaṇa Beḷagoḷa) is a town located near Channarayapatna of Hassan district in Karnataka and it is 144 km from Bangalore. The Gommateshwara Bahubali statue at Shravanabelagola is one of the most important tirtha in Jainism.


So we decied to go there and to capture this beautiful place in pictures. Since it is 144KM from bangalore so only one day was sufficient for the visit. We wanted to reach there early morning so that we can cover the temple and some streets in our limited time period. So We have planned to leave from bangalore by 4:30 AM.

Due to some issues we couldnt start by 4:30, we started around 1 and half hour late. We had to take a detour of around 80KM as we forgot to use google navigation and took the wrong route. As per our plan we were supposed to reach Shravanabelagola by 8 AM, but due to all this hassle we reached by 11 AM.

Note: So the tip is when you plan any travel, check all the things well before and use Map for the right directions.

So by 11 the sun was high and temple is situated on hill which is 2,858 ft in height. We climbed up, and it took us almost half an hour. After reaching up, I was restless, took 10-15 min rest and then took my camera out.

Note: So the tip is always keep a water bottle with you.

So we took few shots infront of the statue, went around for different angles and got several shots of pilgrims over there.

After this we went further up to take shots of the statues from the front, that place had rubber flooring with no shades over it, which means it was as hot as boiling oil, and you can’t walk with bare foot. Luckily we had noticed few wooden blocks around and used them to stand or walk.


After this we went down. Since it was already 2:30 PM, so we were not able to cover the streets and so we started back to Bangalore (this time with right route).

In the end it was a nice and small trip, enjoyed, got some nice clicks and learned a lot.

Feel free to ask questions in comments, and give your valuable feedback.



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