Trip to Rameshwaram / Madurai / Dhanushkodi

In year 2017, I took a resolution of doing two Photography Trips in a year. My first trip was planned to Rameshwaram-Madurai-Dhanushkodi. Sounds a bit religious, isn’t it ?

It was a three day trip from Bangalore. Starting on a Thursday night, our first stop was Madurai. As cameras were not allowed inside temple, I did some mobile photography, ending my day by exploring the streets of Madurai.

Next stop was Rameshwaram. After reaching Rameshwaram, on a Friday early morning, I went to a temple first. The same evening I visited Pambhan Beach to capture a lovely sunset, got some pretty good shots.

Next day morning we went to Dhanushkodi to get some mesmerizing sunrise shots. But due to bad weather, we could not capture the sunrise. Rather ended with some beautiful silhouette series.

Indeed an awesome trip and a memorable first one. Feel free to ask question or can give suggestions in comments.




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