Pushkar Camel Fair 2017

Kartik Mela or Pushkar Camel Fair, as it is fondly called is a cultural celebration, held in the city of Pushkar, Rajasthan. An annual fair starts in the month of Kartik and ends on Kartik Purnima, overlapping late October and early November.  One of the India’s largest camel, horse and cattle fairs. It also hosts some of the cultural events and competitions like dances, tug of war, the “matka phod“, “longest moustache” competition, “bridal competition”, camel races with other activities. Live stocking of camels, horses, cows, sheep and goats play a major attraction in this fair. A camel race starts off the festival, with music, songs and exhibitions to follow.

This was my first trip for Pushkar fair. Every year there thousands of photographers come to visit this fair trying to capture the fair in their own way – clicking portraits and camels. Here I tried capturing the fair in silhouettes. In this blog I am sharing few of my images. Best settings to capture silhouette concludes the blog


Rajasthani folk dancers in Pushkar come from faraway. Here this guy comes and play the music and performs the folk dance for the people. But in today’s social media world nobody will listens to the music- everyone is busy trying to capture the photo/video. Even I did the same. So when I met this guy on first day I took him aside and listened to his music for a couple of minutes and then started clicking the pics. Later in the day I took the snapshot of the images (which is there in today’s story) and sent it to my friend @nandish_rao who was miles away From me in Rajasthan. Normally, while we are in on trips we send snapshots to each other. Then he suggested me, ‘Bhai silhouette lena tha camel background me lekar’. I said ok, if that artist come again tomorrow early morning then I will give a try, and next day I found him in Mela ground around 7 am, which was good time for silhouette as well, I took the silhouette but since I took this shot on my last day, I missed the camel in background.


Traveler – In Pushkar camel rides are available. People go on camel rides to see the desert.
This was one of the shots which was in my mind before going to Pushkar. I wanted to click something like this.
So how this image was shot?
One fine day my friends and I went to sunset point, and after taking couple of pics, I was pissed off for some reasons. So I said to my friend I am going to Mela ground you guys take the pics here, I will click something in Mela ground. I started from there and I saw a few kids playing in sand. I started talking with them. Then after couple of minute I saw this camel coming. I went little ahead and lay down on the sand (as I have learned in silhouette background needs to be clear) and took this shot.


Music is the language of emotions. – When you are happy you enjoy the music, and when you are sad you feel the music. Isn’t it true?

I went to the sunset point and have noticed where these two guys were playing the music. I asked them to sit next to each other and I tried take the silhouette of them while taking the photo I wanted to take sun in between the Dafli. Which I was able to do after my 4-5 attempt.


He’s mine!!
I don‘t want anybody else falling for his smile like the way l did.
I don‘t want anybody else getting the same butterflies like How I get when I hear his voice.
I don’t want anybody else to hold his hand while crossing the roads just the way I held his.
I don’t want anybody else to get lost in his deep brown eyes like I do when we meet after long time.
I don’t want anybody else to blush when they hear his name, only I am allowed.
I just don’t want anybody else to feel the same for him just the way I do.
CUZ/ He is MINE. @roshita_capture


Yeah, In Rajasthan people needs to walk a lot for their work and daily needs that too on sand which is very difficult.
I took this shot on my last day when we were returning from the sunset point. We saw the orange ball (sun), which was in its mesmerizing look. I was waiting for any subject to pass it from there and I saw this lady going from there.

These are the few images from my silhouette series.

Tips for silhouette.

  1. Try to have a clear background.
  2. F-Stop is around 8 or more than that.
  3. Minimum possible ISO
  4. 1/100 to 1/600



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