Paid Promotion on Instagram

What is paid promotion?
When someone pays x amount of money to feature his/her art work on some pages at Instagram, is called paid promotion.

When your image gets featured then your work goes to multiple pages through the page, and people will think we can get the followers by doing this. Which is not the case, You may get few followers(4-5) but the page may get more than this.

Followers which you will get through feature might be fake follower or some follow/unfollow kind of followers. Very rare people will get the genuine followers. This will just give the business to the pages with money as well as with followers count.

And there are not only one or two pages in Instagram who does this paid promotion there are plenty.

What we can do with this?

It starts with us only, whenever we see such posts first thing is we should never get attracted to such posts reason as said above. Second, you should know that your if your art is worth the following automatically you will gain followers

Now here is the Question few Instagrammer’s has asked me, Instagram supports the paid promotion through Business profile and Sponsor post.

So my take on this is, No. Instagram is a product. They have business profile and sponsorship is nothing but advertisement like you watch on TV or in News paper. Instagram won’t take money and post it on there account. If you pay to Instagram then It will come as an advertisement. Also, for the sponsored post in Instagram you will get the buttons of Shop Now, Contact us and Visit website, with this a business is promoting there product through advertisement.

These paid promotion pages are just destroying the community.

So always respect your work and say No to Paid Promotion.



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