I worked on a series with the mask guy “Anonymous”. This series was there in my mind from quite a long time. I have published few images with small poems written by my friends.

Below are the three posts of mine-

You wear that mask,
To hide what you feel

But you know darling?
I have known you behind that.

Lines by: @oneamgirl @rosita_captures


I wore it a little less before
But now I’ve ended up wearing it galore
It helps me hide that frown of mine
It also helps me tackle that boss of mine
I wear it so that no one knows
How messed up are my columns and rows
But it doesn’t cover my eyes
Its those eyes that can never be disguised
Those are the windows of my soul
But hell, its only my closed ones that can take a toll
So yes, I wear it everyday
Its the force behind my day today
So tell me what are you going to be today?
By Wearing that mask like any day!

Lines by: @story_of_frames


So there you are –
See me now- capturing you.
See me now – freezing your facade for posterity.
Your mask is as real as mine.
Your pretence is as true as mine.

So here am I-
See me now- wearing a face much like yours.
See me now- enjoying the roles I play much like yours.
My charade is as real as yours.
My veneer is as true as yours.

So here are we- you and I,
In this masquerade.
Hiding behind a fake smile,
Pressing the button to cheat the lens into believing what the naked eye believes.

But you know as I do – The camera does not lie.

Lines by: @preetirc


I would like to thanks Archana (@oneamgirl), Shivani(@story_of_frames) and Preeti(@preetirc) for these beautiful poems.



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