Steel wool photography

  Steel wool photography is to capture the long exposure of burning steel wool. When you burn the steel wool, Sparks will fly all over and long exposure of this will give a good shot. This looks an easy but it’s not that easy. So what and all you need for this. Steel wool – […]

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Paid Promotion on Instagram

What is paid promotion? When someone pays x amount of money to feature his/her art work on some pages at Instagram, is called paid promotion. When your image gets featured then your work goes to multiple pages through the page, and people will think we can get the followers by doing this. Which is not […]

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I worked on a series with the mask guy “Anonymous”. This series was there in my mind from quite a long time. I have published few images with small poems written by my friends. Below are the three posts of mine- You wear that mask, To hide what you feel But you know darling? I […]

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