Empowering the future – Girl Child Education

Earlier this year on my Instagram account I started a series on Girls education.

Once I went on a photowalk and there was a girl sitting in her mother’s shop and doing her studies. This inspired me to ponder that education is a common need but yet this is not common to all. And this encouraged me start a series on Girl Education, hoping to spread awareness and importance of gaining knowledge.


People say that place of a girl is at home and according to that if we spent money on girl’s education then it will be waste. I object this thinking as I strongly believe girl can educate a whole society.


Education of girl is necessary in many ways, With her being educated,
you are making a whole generation educated. In today’s world girls are in every field. They are equal to boys and represent their family and nation wherever they travel.


Having said all this, I want to conclude sharing few lines which I read in some social media.

नन्हीं नन्हीं बच्चियों को चार किताबें पढने दो साहब !
कोख से बच आई हैं, दहेज से भी बच जायेगी!!




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