Creator’s creation – Lord Ganesha

I am an avid admirer of art. Since my childhood, I used to visit the places where Ganesha idols were made for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. I was longing to visit such a place in Bangalore from last few years. And finally found one in 2017.

One fine day, I was introduced to a place called Narayanapura which is located in the outskirts of Bengaluru . At this place people do all kind of clay products like pots, vessels, toys etc. and during the festive seasons Ganesha idols and diyas for Ganesha chaturthi and Diwali respectively. During my first visit I found couple of houses, as I am a street photographer there was no hesitation in starting a conversation with them. They were very welcoming, few even offered me tea and invited to have breakfast with them.

Ganesha idols made from plaster of paris were banned this year in Bangalore. so these artists were burdened with more work and I got the opportunity to click the more photographs.

I visited multiple factories as well where they were creating huge idols.

I started visiting the place again again every weekend until the festival and understood how the whole process of creating idols takes place. And of course made lot of new friends. I also Understood the issues these artisans face in there work.


I hope you liked the write up and the images.

Looking forward to some constructive feedback on my first post.



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